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Google Promote, Remove and Comment Feature - Effect on SEO

Google Promote, Remove and Comment Feature; Is it a death-knell on all established SEO techniques? What is it's apparent effect on Search engine optimization? How is it going to affect the SERPs (results page)? A colossal change has just been made by big G. Google could not have gotten better at what it does. It revolutionized the search engine all over again.
To the makers of Google, it is nothing short of the fairy-tale crystal ball where they can see everything happening around in the universe. Everyone online is sort of an open book to Google whether you want it or not. And just when you thought that Google already knows too much about people; about what they thought, what they dreamed, what they pursued, what they shopped, what they searched, Google comes up with another milestone idea to get people even more personal; the ability to promote, remove search results by every individual on the planet and add unique comments to any of your preferred result. Wow, so what if you decide to promote a website from 50th page to 1st page. And let's say you demote a top ranking result into oblivion, never to be seen on the 1st page again. So in one click did you just kill the hype and hoopla of search engine optimization?
Because the best of optimized pages could literally be gone out of your sight with this tool if you decided to have it so. And if it is really so, then this is the END OF THE WORLD. Is it the END of conventional SEO? Do i hear a pin-drop silence?
No need to panic yet. If you see the buttons then you must have noticed that they appear only when you are logged in to your Google account, and the reprise is that they only affect the results that you see, not what the world does. Do i hear a sigh of relief? If you want to skip my detailed analysis and description of this feature, you may straightaway read the conclusion at the bottom.
How does Google promote/remove actually work? A specific example.
To check the same, simply log in to your account, let's say you do a Google search for the keyword phrase "webkinz dollar store", and click on the promote button next to a result in a subsequent page. You will immediately see it magically go to the topmost SERP in the 1st page. If you click on 'promote' for another "webkinz dollar store" search result, it will move into the second place on the 1st page itself. You can move the second web page to the first position by clicking "promote" on it again. Now Log out and searc

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